Write letters to my kids

Write letters to my kids

This comes from 71: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

The idea is to have these be a way to unblock your thoughts on a topic. You write stories and give advice to your children for the future in the form of letters. I’ve always wanted to do something along these lines, so I’m using this as a chance to do so.


Love this. One of the things I’ve been focused on in my writing is “gifts of words” – specifically to close family members.

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This is great. I say, I want to leave a legacy, more than just a funeral bill. Leave your love, your thoughts, your wisdom on paper. Or even in stone!!! I have a plaque in my office my son created for me based on my teachings. The thought of the 10 Commandments written on stone for generations to see. The plaque reads … “The 11th Commandment - Thou Shalt Not Quit”