Workflow Mastery by Kourosh Dini

Workflow Mastery by Kourosh Dini

Interesting contribution to the productivity genre by a psychiatrist. Influenced by David Allen and GTD but goes beyond particularly with regards to motivation and mastery. The author’s homepage lists this as his mantra:
“Mastery and meaningful work are the results of guided play.”

What @joebuhlig refers to as the “Shutdown Routine” in his Impluse newsletter, Dr Dini labels as the “Closing Technique” in Workflow Mastery.

A session of work requires accommodation of four aspects:

A) attention within/without the body of work’s acknowledged intention

B) daily start/close times of the session

C) space for the intention

D) intention endings, as opposed to daily closings

This is especially true if working the intention spans days of sessions.

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