Tim Ferris experiment regarding ads vs. listener supported

Tim Ferris experiment regarding ads vs. listener supported

I’ve heard Joe’s opinion on ads for podcasts. I was curious as to why Tim Ferris show experimenting with listener-sponsored went away so quickly.

I think that the data he collected is interesting.

I might be coming around to this. I still feel a responsibility to stay ad-free and listener supported, but I also wonder if curated sponsorships would actually be quite helpful to listeners.

I, for one, would be fine if the podcast had ads. Currently, I subscribe to 12 podcasts and this is the only one without ads. Over my podcast listening lifetime, I have listened to 1000s of podcast episodes and the ads do not bother me.

Saying this, I will still pay $5 a month for the extras and to support the two of you. This is one of my favorite podcasts and it has gotten me into reading more than anything else. I have gone from finishing a couple of books a year to finishing close to 50 so far this year.

Thank you both!


Thanks for the feedback. I can’t say I’m ready to commit to this yet. But to be honest, that’s mostly because it’s a decent amount of work to track down and manage sponsors. And that’s time I don’t have right now. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the future.

I prefer well curated ads over having yet another subscription in the back of my mind.

Also Tim Ferriss’ approach of having all ads read at the very beginning of the show in one 4-5 minute block is great, but I am not sure, if a podcast with a smaller audience can negotiate this with the buyers of the ads, since almost no one will have such a massive following that Tim has.

I am not sure if this would be viable and possible to integrate into your editing process, but having the ads removed for supporters in a separate private podcast feed is a good option.

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This is similar to what Peter Attia does in The Drive - a public podcast with a pitch for financial support, and a private podcast for financial supporters without the pitch. However, he doesn’t use ads.