Tim Ferris experiment regarding ads vs. listener supported

Tim Ferris experiment regarding ads vs. listener supported

I’ve heard Joe’s opinion on ads for podcasts. I was curious as to why Tim Ferris show experimenting with listener-sponsored went away so quickly.

I think that the data he collected is interesting.

I might be coming around to this. I still feel a responsibility to stay ad-free and listener supported, but I also wonder if curated sponsorships would actually be quite helpful to listeners.

I, for one, would be fine if the podcast had ads. Currently, I subscribe to 12 podcasts and this is the only one without ads. Over my podcast listening lifetime, I have listened to 1000s of podcast episodes and the ads do not bother me.

Saying this, I will still pay $5 a month for the extras and to support the two of you. This is one of my favorite podcasts and it has gotten me into reading more than anything else. I have gone from finishing a couple of books a year to finishing close to 50 so far this year.

Thank you both!


Thanks for the feedback. I can’t say I’m ready to commit to this yet. But to be honest, that’s mostly because it’s a decent amount of work to track down and manage sponsors. And that’s time I don’t have right now. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the future.