The Laws of Creativity • Joey Cofone

The Laws of Creativity • Joey Cofone

Ok, so here’s the Amazon link.


Due to be published 18th October 2022

Why do I recommend? Here are four reasons:

James Clear blurb:Drawing on decades of experience, Joey Cofone has distilled the elements of creativity into an excellent, easy-to-use guide. The Laws of Creativity provides a roadmap for unleashing the creative force inside you.

After episode 153 of Bookworm, @mikeschmitz sent his newsletter where he highlights Madeleine Dore’s juxtaposition of productivity versus creativity and he offers thinking of everyday as a canvas for creating, as opposed to a list where we add things to do. Cofone adds (indirectly at least) to Dore’s contribution with 39 laws. Seems like a natural follow-up to Dore and a bridge to finish with Oliver Burkeman’s set of foundational principles (episode 135 of Bookworm).

Author Joey Cofone was a guest of Nick Milo’s at the Second Linking Your Thinking Conference, where Joey talked, on September 9th, about these laws of creativity. I’m soooo looking forward to Nick posting the free YouTube video as he has for other talks of this conference. Also, in Nick’s introductory video for the conference, we can see at the end of that video (@ 11m40s) Nick teasing Joey’s book with a physical complimentary edition.

Finally, I was “today-years-old” when I learned that Cofone is CEO of Baron Fig. Need I say more?