The Intellectual Life by OP A. G. Sertillanges

The Intellectual Life by OP A. G. Sertillanges

This was suggested to me by a very thoughtful and over-worked priest after we had discussed Newport’s Deep Work. (Which does make reference to The Intellectual Life early on.) I found it to be fantastic as a Roman Catholic Christian because it is practical, deeply philosophical, and theological. I think that there have been several times in Bookworm where the lack of a discussion of “ultimate ends” (aka “goals”) has come up - and understandably so. These productivity books talk about how and touch upon “why” sometimes, but never venture into ultimate reasons for “why”. This book does. I would love to hear and be involved in a discussion of this book.

One big idea that stuck with me was when he discussed the idea that Jesus said “I am … the Truth.” I have head the phrase so many times I suppose I didn’t ever ponder how truly odd a thing it is to say you are “the Truth”… Sertillanges didn’t let that get by him. He digs in and what he finds is a gem. Even if you guys don’t read this for the podcast, I suggest you work it into your personal reading.

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Hey, Greg! Thanks for the comments here. Feel free to drop a vote on this. :wink:

I think Mike and I see a lot of value in higher level thinking but it’s tough to nail down a good way to go about it. And given that a lot of these books talk about missions, goals, and visions it can get messy and quick. So thanks for the explanation here. :+1:

I completely missed the “vote” mechanism. (I was on mobile, perhaps it’s not so clear there.) Vote cast. However, as you say:

I understand. So, I’ll just say that if you guys decide it’s not quite right for the podcast, I stand by my suggestion that you guys pick it up on your own. I doubt either of you would regret it. Of course, I’d always welcome a chance to talk about it with anyone. Here or elsewhere. :slight_smile: