The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker

The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker


Hi Joe and Mike - Thanks for your Podcast -its a significant investment of your time, and you put out good info! Been binge listening over the past week after learning about your Podcast from MPU a few weeks back. Some books you covered, I had previously read, but appreciated your perspectives regardless. Other books helped quench my curiosity about the book or author. The podcast on the Managing Oneself inspired me to buy the book. I had read Drucker’s Effective Executive recently and thought you guys would like it. Don’t be fooled by ‘Executive’ - Drucker is speaking to knowledge workers. Written a long time ago, his insights hold true today and any productivity oriented person will relate to concepts in this book. All the best!


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I’ll confess to ignoring this because of the word “executive” in the title. So thank you for spelling it out.

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Hi Joe- I finnaly finished the Managing Oneself and wanted to retract my tecommendation re The Effective Executive. The Managing Oneself book is a sunmary/condensed version of the Effective Exec book. If you ae interested in more expanded case studies and examples, then Effective Exec is a good read.
Hope this additional info is helpful!
Keep up the good work w Mike. I very much appreciate the authentic sharing on daily life challenges and how you guys “hack” a full life to fit in the self development ising books as the catalyst. Your podcast is inspiring me to read more! Thank you!


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