The book podcast for people who don't read books

The book podcast for people who don't read books

Hello fellow book fans! I’m new around here, and thought I’d give some insight about my enjoyment and perspective on the bookworm podcast.

I don’t read many books. this is for a few reasons. One being lack of time, and the other being lack of motivation. I am a full-time college student who also works a couple jobs and does some side-work consulting, and what free time I have is generally devoted to surviving, studying, or simply vegging out.

That being said, I love the bookworm podcast. It gives me a condensed version of the book, with helpful commentary from trustworthy people. I get the privilege of gaining new and insightful knowledge from these books without having to put in the effort to read them myself! Of course it’s not as good as reading myself, but it’s probably 60% of the benefit from 10% of the work, and that’s a great tradeoff for me in my current situation. I hope to gather more time to read in the future, but for now, long live Bookworm, and thanks Mike and Joe!


Thanks for listening @lsaami! Sometimes you do what you gotta do, so no shame in not being able to get through the books yourself - just keep that growth mindset and keep collecting new ideas!

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