Philosophy of Education, Charlotte Mason

Philosophy of Education, Charlotte Mason

Philosophy of Education (The Home Education Series)

[I’ve wanted to recommend the books by Charlotte Mason for awhile, but hesitated because they would probably be a better fit for a gap book rather than a Bookworm choice. In a recent episode, though, you mentioned wanting to read more older books.

Written in the late 19th century, this book is a summary of the educational ideas Mason wrote about in her six volume series. She wrote based on both a reflection of ideas about education, her experience, and the current scientific understandings if her time. One of her key ideas is the power of habits and habit formation – much of what is in the productivity books today!

With your interests in homeschooling, faith, productivity, and habit training, I really think y’all will like these books. A Philosophy of Education is a great starting point, though I think you’ll like the others as well.

Note: The editions by Living Books Press and Riverbend Press are the best currently available. Since it is on the public domain, some people have put up fascimile copies which are poorly printed and hard to read. ]