OmniFocus Read Book Tasks Script Help

OmniFocus Read Book Tasks Script Help


When I started to read a book every two weeks, I used the Omnifocus script that Joe made. It asks the title, how many pages the book has, and when you want to finish it. Then it produces a list of pages you have to read with deferring dates and flags. Very nice indeed. With the upgrade of OmniFocus, the script doesn’t work anymore. I understand completely if that’s the end, but maybe it’s easy to fix. So my question is, dear Joe, if there is an opportunity in your schedule, could you fix this script? It’s much appreciated.


Could you post the script? I might be able to update it.


@michaelpporter That would be wonderful. Thanks for the effort. You can find the script here: It’s called ‘Read book tasks’.


New Pull request for the ReadBook script.

Just 3 lines to change if you want to update your local copy.


Joe merged the changes to the main branch.


Thanks! I tried everything but it still gives me an error. What I am I doing wrong. This is what he says. Could it be the notation of the date? Thanks for your help.


Do you have a tag called Read no emoji, just plain?


I do! I will rename it and check if it works. Thanks for the tip.


In the script, I changed the word ‘Read’ in the Dutch word ‘Lees’ and now it works. What a relief, now I can start reading again. Thanks, Michael.


I’m a little slow to the draw here, but a big thanks to @michaelpporter for helping out and for the PR. :wink:


Thanks for the Shortcut in iOS!
Joe Buhlig is turning into Macsparky! I put off buying OF3 but once I needed it for this wonderful shortcut, I could put off the purchase no longer!!! Hey, at least you’re in good company :laughing: