Mike and Joe's not so secret obsession. (Coffee)

Mike and Joe's not so secret obsession. (Coffee)

Some of you may know how intense their love of coffee. Where it’s from? How it’s brewed? Etc.

Well, I just found their ultimate dessert. Coffee Jello.

I couldn’t help but think of @joebuhlig and @mikeschmitz when I saw the video. Even made the jello with pour-over techniques.

Google “World’s Best Macchiato” and the top story will tell you that it is the country where we just moved!

This is SUCH a coffee shop culture – it’s great. Went out with my son yesterday and for two cappuccinos and a macchiato, and even with a generous tip, it was only 3 euros.


Nice @tulipgrrl. @mikeschmitz, @joebuhlig, and I live in the midwest. We are fortunate there are some good coffee shops around. Also some good roasters so you can get your own.

I wonder why Kosovo has such a coffee culture. Any ideas?

I don’t drink much coffee besides nitro cold press once in a while.