Master Your Workday Now

Master Your Workday Now

[Why are you recommending it? - Effective system for productivity.]

Haven’t read this one but did buy his book on Outlook which I used to customise Outlook at work which has proven to be very beneficial.

I liked this book. His other book is focused on using his productivity workflow in Outlook. This one strips out the Outlook stuff and focuses on the philosophy and workflow itself.

It almost feels like an alternative GTD system. Dunno if Mike wants to read a “systems” book though.

Hmmm… :thinking: A systems book. Might be worth it just to get @mikeschmitz fired up.

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It’s strange this assumption that @mikeschmitz doesn’t like systems books. I’m sure he gave 5 out of 5 to a book this year that printed in a large bold font Forget About Goals, Focus On Systems Instead :wink:

Systems I like. One system to rule them all - not so much.


I think the idea of one system to rule them all as well as a nod to a great film (apologies to anyone who loves the books but I’m a bit meh on them) is potentially a good idea. It would allow different processes/systems to interact in a more cohesive manner. Which I could see enhancing the value of each of the individual processes/systems. I’ve not read it but I wonder if Making It All Work by David Allen is a nod in that direction.