Master Your Motivation by Susan Fowler

Master Your Motivation by Susan Fowler

Master Your Motivation

It’s not often in the world of non-fiction that I read a book then instantly buy another book by the same author but that’s what happened. I read Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work and What Does and was impressed enough that I wanted to read more so I got the follow up book Master Your Motivation which I’m currently reading. I’m recommending it as I feel there is a lot more than can benefit people individually in this one. I’m learning new things across these two books and I really appreciate that.

Also another reason I’m recommending early is that for a few days you can pick this book up for a dollar at humble bundle here.

I’d never really thought about motivation much but its a very interesting read and looking through the recommendations I saw Drive by Daniel Pink, so voted for that as well :smile: and just off to buy it. On a motivation binge.

Decided to re-read this one based on some recent reading and I have to say it’s a really good book and I’m possibly getting more out of it this time than when I previously read it. Also based on how busy @joebuhlig is at the present can I add it’s a short book :grinning:

But this book ties in really well with a variety of subject and goes into detail on what is motivation while still being practical and easy to read.

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