Making Work Visible • Dominica Degrandis • 2017

Making Work Visible • Dominica Degrandis • 2017

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Because theft is wrong, we must send time thieves to where they belong.

Just today I learned about this book from 2017 thanks to a tweet:

Very happy the recommendation is at 3 votes already; thanks.

Below is a caveat from the author, by the way. I’m sure @mikeschmitz would put it upfront if the book does ever get an episode, however I wanna bet @joebuhlig would aid Mike through all the IT mumbo-jumbo.

Here, Mike, just for you, but I’m pretty sure Joe will reminisce from this:

I’m greatly enjoying reading this. It’s not about Kanban, but Kanban is a major component in combating time thieves as it allows for this first four of five aims, at least:

Yes, the above excerpt is from the book, but the author doesn’t say these five aims pertain to Kanban (at least not yet; I’ve barely started reading the book), but I do personally believe those four aims are possible thanks to Kanban.

SIDEBAR: in case you’re, like me, into both Kanban and Notion, please do make sure you start here with your setup: