Learn a second language

Learn a second language

I want to start learning Spanish, starting with Duolingo

Please let me help you with any language doubts you might have, Mike. I’m Mexican. Either here or sending me a DM to @PayenCIDH on Twitter.

Same goes for anyone else learning Spanish.

… or French.

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And before you ask, supposing you ever do, the toughest Spanish lessons are:

  • BEGINNER’S LEVEL: understanding when to use “ser” and “estar”, as well as the conjugation of “ser”

  • MID-LEVEL: using “r”, “rr”, “ll”, “y”, “n” and “ñ” as well as the articles “la” and “el”

  • ADVANCED LEVEL: the role of syllables in deciding where and whether to place the acute accent

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Spanish is amongst the languages I would like to learn as well. Would like to go beyond what a couple years in high school offered. I finished the German tree in Duolingo and am now attempting Spanish from German. Extra challenge that solidifies the German. Just a thought for when you have completed the primary exercise for English to Spanish.

SO I just made myself what I consider a very ambitious goal and that is to learn biblical Hebrew so I can read the bible in its original language. I read that many of the founding fathers of the US taught themselves Hebrew for that very reason. I just purchased a Great Courses on line video that I have scheduled for myself once a week, and some dvds that are intended for school children so I can easily learn the basic alphabet. I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I am looking forward to the challenge.

Mike’s goal of Spanish is probably a lot more practical!