It is better to read one book thrice than three books once. Or is it?

It is better to read one book thrice than three books once. Or is it?

I read a medium post where the author makes the case that reading a good book three times is more beneficial than reading three different ones. Obviously, this is a giant oversimplification, but it got me thinking. Any thoughts on this idea? I personally have a hard time re-reading a book even if I absolutely loved it. I just get bored. I am sure that I could get a lot more out of re-reading though. I’d be interested to hear thoughts on the re-reading topic.


We need to ask ourselves

What would be the purpose in re reading a book?

If it is to re-live the learning process then go ahead, read it again. But if, as is probably the case, you want to recall what you learnt then a good contemporary note taking process is the path to follow. Re reading your notes is all you need.
@mikeschmitz described (in bookworm podcast 42 ”How to read a book”) his process of using a mindmap to recall salient sections of each chapter of the book, plus his action points.
I have tried using iThoughts
It really slows down the first read through if we try to do this, but if it saves re-reading then that is a good choice.
Hope you choose good books to read three times! It takes me months to get through most books, even when I enjoy them.


Good ideas @stephenlowry ! You inspired me to up my note-taking game. :slight_smile:


Another option for this I’ve seen used is an index and notes in the back of the book with page numbers and highlights. Allows for you to pick up the book and find the salient points but keeps it in the book. If you use kindle you can show all your highlights pretty easily (but who am I kidding, we all love real books right?)


I also take notes on books read, thoughts come to mind, creative ideas and in the process my comprehension increases and great things come out of it. The process of re-reading is pursuit to become better and it is never waisted time, plus you are creating personal habits. I call it, Constant Progress.

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I definitely agree on the power of taking notes and writing down inspiration that comes from reading. Taking notes helps to bring so much clarity and boil down any action that I should take on the topic or subject. I want to always work at being the best version of myself! I have re-read books that have really impacted me and I always get new revelation! Our perspective changes so much as we mature and gain new life experience, this I believe enhances our understanding.