Identify a Shutdown Routine

Identify a Shutdown Routine

I want to attempt (again) to institute a shutdown routine at the end of my day.

I do this. I use Todoist and I have a repeating “Shutdown” set of actions that must be closed out at end of every work day. For me, this includes inbox zero, end-of-day journaling, and a few other items. I also have a bookend version of this that I call my “Wake-up” set of actions that Todoist reminds me to do every morning.

I have a daily shutdown routine using Keyboard Maestro macro groups (floating window palettes). I go down the tiles on the floating palette. It activates all the steps for me to work through until I finish the whole macro group.

My next goal is to work on a KM macro group for the weekly review. On Friday afternoon, I do the usually Daily Review. Then I do a weekly review focusing on planning for next week.