How interested are you in books about self-employment?

How interested are you in books about self-employment?

I understand that you, Joe, are working for the Man again, but Mike is now fully self-employed. Productivity, which is the recurrent topic of most of the books that you have covered so far, is especially important when you have to be accountable to yourself on how you manage your time and resources. As fellow “podcast-listener-who-listens-to-podcasts-about-books-but-doesn’t-read-them” (I do, just very slowly, going through Boundaries at the moment), I’d love to hear your thoughts on some books on self-employment. I’m going through the backlog of The Productivity Show (hint, hint, wink, wink, Mike) and once I’m done with that, I will maybe listen to either John Lee Duma or Guy Raz. Once I finish Boundaries, I will try to pick up something about self-employment. I could write a book about my road to self-employed myself (even though I haven’t even arrived yet), but I’ll reserve that for Focused. wink

Anyway, my question is whether you’re both interested in such books and whether the listeners might be as well.

Hugs from your, hopefully not only, fan from Portugal.

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Speaking for myself, I’m not against the topic. In fact, my gap book kind of falls into that category (Company of One by Paul Jarvis). If you have a specific book in that category you’d like to see us cover, go ahead and recommend it! :slight_smile: