Help Watching Live?

Help Watching Live?

Hey, there! I started watching the last recording (Organized Writer) live, but had some issues. I’m not sure whether they were user error, something standard with Twitch, or ???

Throughout the show, there was background music that was super distracting. I thought it could be from a tab open in my browser, but it was still there when everything was closed. Then I searched throughout Twitch for a place to change settings, but couldn’t find it.

Is that normal? Can I turn it off?


That’s @joebuhlig w/ the background music :joy: FWIW I also find it distracting, but all the kids these days have it in their Twitch videos. I have a feeling we’re in the minority here.

Yeah, it’s normal. I’m sorry it’s distracting to you. If we get enough people requesting it to be gone, I’ll pull it.

Oh. My. Word. How does your adhd even handle it?!?!

I ended up logging out and waiting for the edited version. But it was fun watching and getting a mental picture of y’all!

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:man_shrugging:t2: The extra helps me focus somehow.