Great at Work by Morten Hansen

Great at Work by Morten Hansen


I read this book during a week, a well written analysis of results of a survey with 5000 workers at various levels of companies. Their performance, experience, success, work-life balance plus more all were analysed in a very readable and enjoyable way. Thoroughly scientific but not at the expense of a good read! Seven qualities with three mindset suggestions make for a challenging set of ToDos for the reader at the end.


yeah this was a great book. I did a review on it.

Podcast version:

It lined up well with content in The One Thing, Deep Work, The Coaching Habit, and The Big Leap, among other books. I’d love to hear another take on it.


That’s usually a good sign. Thanks for this recommendation. :+1:

That’s quite the bank of books to compare it with. Be sure to get your votes in. :wink:


Thanks guys for adding this to the actual programme (we spell differently in UK) I hope you enjoy reading it, and give it at least 4.0!


No spoilers, but I am finished with it already :wink:


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