Good to Great by Jim Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins


Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t Hardcover – by Jim Collins
An oldie but goodie…Well not as old as Dale Carnegie, probably more the 90’s. Sage advice. I think you guys will enjoy it. Love your podcast! You each bring an authenticity that is refreshing. I like that you are having fun doing this podcast. Nice to hear about your families and your day to day approach - shows humility, a critical trait in any good leader. Keep rocking it! Gerrianne


I read that last year and one of the “funny” things in it is that with some more years on the book how many of the companies were no longer “great”. I still think it had good stuff to say, but some of the supporting evidence is less supporting.


I actually have two copies of this one. One was free at a book giveaway and the other I found at a Goodwill Outlet. I paid a whopping 15 cents for it. :+1:

I’ve not read this one… yet. But it’s interesting how this can morph in the business world. What made a company great in one season can sometimes cause them to fail later. So I’m interested in Collins’ view of what made these organizations successful at the time.