Gap Book Recommendations

Gap Book Recommendations

Two books that I think Mike and Joe would really like as gap books, but don’t necessarily fit in to the Bookworm focus:

The Gospel Comes with a Housekey, by Rosaria Butterfield
I’m recommending this specifically because of the conversation about hospitality in the most recent episode.

Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God’s Grace, by Scott Keith
This is one of the better books on the theology of parenting.

The interview which prompted me to read the book:

Those look interesting to me, at least! What does it say about us that we need a book to tell us to be hospitable as Christians? But we (I) always need the reminding & urging!. Also - the Father/Son human relationship is such a great model for God the perfect Father. Doesn’t it seem God gives us earthly models so we can more easily grasp the heavenly truths?

One book I would strongly recommend is The Rise of Teddy Roosevelt, as an amazing example of productivity, grit, focus, and achievement. Real life examples of people who killed it are really useful, and then reverse engineer how they did it.

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