Develop a journaling habit

Develop a journaling habit


This one comes from reading Atomic Habits.

The main aspects for succeeding here is to set out my notebook and pen earlier in the day so that when nighttime arrives, it doesn’t take much for willpower to follow through.


Kicked this one off last night. I need to nail down what my resistance points are here, but at least I have the start in place.


I’ve hit this one pretty consistently over the last five days or so. I think it might be due to a collision with reading Digital Minimalism. Not that I’m complaining. The main thing here is that it has to fit in with my evening routine. So I get to take advantage of habit chaining that way.


Does anyone have some suggestions for meaningful journaling prompts? I am working on starting the habit but want to do it in a digital, traceable way.

Do you start with “What are you grateful for today?” I imagine this is the sort of thing Mike has opinions about. Perhaps “What went well, what didn’t go well, what do you need to stop doing?”

Thought this could be a good place to discuss what to journal while we discuss how to start journaling.


First off, welcome to the community, David!

The one question I ask myself at night is: “How do I feel about the way today went?”

It’s pretty open-ended, but gets me moving.


That’s a thought-provoking yet broad question.

Do you have your journal and pen by your bed?


No. Though, that might be helpful. The problem with that is my choice of pen and paper. The two I use for this end up being used for other things as well so they move around a lot.

I have journaling as an item on my evening routine and buckled it together with a few other habits at night. That seems to help me follow through on it more than anything.