Daily Routine - Your Key to Success

Daily Routine - Your Key to Success

The key to your future is in what you do daily and consistently. Other related words … habit, choices, action steps, follow through, etc. What you do daily is what counts and what you are becoming or not becoming. Success or failure is found in consistency. I say day by day and play by play. You have to choose right and then do right, daily and consistently. These are Power Choices. They get you closer to your dreams. As we know habits are so ver powerful.

What are you becoming?
What problems are you facing and solving?
What goals are you hitting?
What dominates your thinking? Everyone has a dominant thought, what’s yours?
Do you have a consistent, “I can do it?” or is it a “It’s never never going to happen for me?”

You’ve got to dream it
You’ve got to believe it
You’ve got to take personal ownership of it
Plan it
Do it daily
Daily Routine, Habits, Choices

Personally I ask people that I respect all the time, What their daily routine consists of?
I see a higher level of living in them and I want a higher level too, so I’ve got to know. I learn from their routine.

What are some of the most important daily routines that have caused you personal growth?
Made your life better?
Created a greater sense of peace, of purpose?
Made you more confident?
Caused you the greatest growth and have caused you to hit the mark?