Bookworm - the one thing I take away from the podcast

Bookworm - the one thing I take away from the podcast

OK, there are a lot of great things about this podcast. There’s however ONE that has changed my world (reading wise) since I’m a bookworm listener

Before the podcast, when I was reading a book, no matter how many notes I was taking, how many mind maps I was creating or how much reviews I did months after reading them, there was this constant feeling of frustration of not having absorbed ALL the content and information.

In fact, starting a new book with this thought in mind was ruining my reading (and learning) experience.

With the podcast (and I think this is a @mikeschmitz ‘s idea) I learned that if I get one or two learnings from the book that I can apply to become a better person, than I should feel happy and the reading was worthwile.

Giving myself the permission to not have to memorise or remember ever single idea, makes the whole experience a lot better.

And, of course, by reading books on similar subjects helps to link dots and to generate a lot more ideas and insights.

As a result, I have less notes (now I don’t need to paraphrase the whole book :grinning: ), my reviews are more efficient, and my comprehension (because I’m not stressing out) has improved.

I’m currently reading The One Thing, which I think ties in really well with this idea. My one thing when reading a book is to get (at least) one insight.

I’m grateful to have stumbled against this podcast :pray: thanks @joebuhlig and thanks @mikeschmitz


Love this! And agree 100% - you don’t need to be able to retell the author’s story, you just need to find something that makes a difference for you.