Bookworm Club Premium

Bookworm Club Premium

In the latest episode of Bookworm, we announced a Premium membership for the Bookworm Club. I wanted to create a quick post here to clarify what you get for the $5/month and explain why @joebuhlig & I decided to go this route (for those fo you who didn’t listen yet).

In a nutshell, it’s been tough to keep Bookworm going the last couple of months with Joe’s corporate job and me trying to launch a business. We both love Bookworm and never want to see it end, but occasionally we end up asking ourselves, “is it worth it?” Speaking personally here for a moment, when time is scarce and bills are piling up it’s hard to justify continuing what has always been a “passion project.” The next question then is, “how can we make this thing sustainable?”

We’ve looked into selling ads before, but Joe’s not a big fan (full disclosure: I record ads for Focused so I’m not as against it obviously, but I respect Joe’s opinion). The other option is to create some kind of membership that fans can use to support the show. So, we decided to set that up.

Now just to be clear, you don’t have to join the membership! Bookworm will continue to be released and the Club will continue to exist to facilitate discussion and allow people to post their own action items and gain accountability from other members. But if you decide you want to support the show financially, you get a couple of bonuses:

  1. Access to a special members-only section of the club
  2. A cool badge on the Bookworm Club to show that you are a Premium member
  3. Our personal book notes from all the books that we read (there’s 40+ of my mind maps in the archive right now)
  4. An exclusive 4k Bookworm wallpaper that I designed (looks pretty good if I do say so myself!)

We’ll be adding things to the membership over time, but we want to be careful and add things that members want in a way that allows us to keep the wheels turning. There’s actually a thread for Premium members where they can make suggestions on what they’d like to see.

Whether or not you decide to join the membership, Joe & I would like to thank you for your support of Bookworm over the years. We both love making the show and hearing how listeners enjoy and benefit from the hard work that goes into it.




Is there going to be a way to just pay up front, like $60 at a time? I’d prefer that way over a monthly cost.


What say you @joebuhlig? :wink:


Go here for monthly at $5/month.

Go here for annually at $60/year.


How can one switch to annual?

This is incredible timing! I was just wondering whether we might be able to obtain your book notes! I’ll gladly pay $60/year to support you both!


I’m guessing the way to do that would be to cancel the monthly and join the yearly, but @joebuhlig is the technical wizard here.

Y’all are awesome. One day I’ll be able to level up to premium. . .

3 more mind maps just uploaded: Drunk Tank Pink, Make Time, and Extreme Ownership :slight_smile:


@mikeschmitz & @joebuhlig Would there be a way of subscribing using PayPal? I really want to support the show but typing in my credit card details is not very secure. And more importantly, my bank charges me high fees for foreign currency payments (I’m in the UK). Any thoughts?


@AFC that question is beyond my ability to answer. We’ll look into it after the vacation here in the U.S. and let you know!

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I’d love to sign up via PayPal too if that were an option. Thanks!

@AFC and @schmidjon, at this point there’s not a way to use PayPal. But it’s on the list of features for the plugin we use for the subscriptions here. I don’t know when that will come to fruition, but I’ll update this thread when it does.

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