Anything but Self-Improvement

Anything but Self-Improvement


Just wondering~: as Mike and Joe seem keen to read books in the productivity, self-awareness, and success-building spheres, are there other genres of books which would introduce a an even greater balance to the show?
I don’t have an answer, as such, but their other books always sound interesting too: could we recommend books well outside the regular sort?
If we are all getting more time, becoming more productive, finding greater avenues to success, then what comes next? Mike mentions several of these books in the Productivity Show: so often that I am not sure which show I am listening to!
Is there a place for a bit of Dickens, or a collection of sonnets, or a guide to Arctic Terns as a type of book we could all aspire to add to our catalogues? OK Maybe we could find it difficult to create an action plan for those, but I would appreciate your thoughts. .


@stephenlowry feel free to recommend anything! Productivity is obviously something I care deeply about, but I’m open to learning about other topics. IMHO though the reason Bookworm has achieved any level of success is because it is a reflection of who we are. We care about this stuff, and it makes for better shows. I don’t know if I can bring same amount of energy to sonnets or Dickens (although there is probably somebody somewhere who could).

For better or worse, I am who I am - maintaining a Productivity Show mode and a Bookworm mode and a ____ mode sounds like way too much work :slight_smile: