Anne Frank’s Diary (first and officially approved) Graphic Adaptation

Anne Frank’s Diary (first and officially approved) Graphic Adaptation

Very similar to Viktor Frankl’s book, perhaps? A way to learn how and when to enter meaningful journal entries? Also available as an interactive eBook on Kindle, by the way.

Recommended by Book Mark:

Reasons why I recommend this book to be reviewed on the podcast:

  1. Not having yet read Viktor Frankl’s “Search for Meaning”, I guess it’s very similar in terms of scenario and purpose, except from the point of view of a young girl

  2. Anne teaches us how to add meaningful journal entries

  3. You learn to appreciate the simplicities life offers under peace time (a cup of coffee, dining out, enjoying hobbies, being outside, a proper wardrobe, overall cleanliness and personal hygiene, availability of health services)

  4. It makes you stop comparing yourself to others and instead urges you to make-do with who and how you currently are, in service of others and of your own sanity

  5. It explains why we shouldn’t repeat history’s mistakes

  6. Anne is lovable

  7. Anne manages to be funny and, despite her age, also profound

I’ll find more reasons as I plow through.