96: Triggers by Marhsall Goldsmith

96: Triggers by Marhsall Goldsmith

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Do you ever find yourself reacting to something, then immediately saying something like, “I can’t believe I just did that?” It may not be your fault – at least, not entirely. Join Joe & Mike as they take a look at the triggers in their own environments and consider how to overcome them – without…

One thought as you were talking through the questions he asks every day and debating between them being too many and the idea of journaling on them. Maybe you have the full list and just pick the one you did well at and the one you did the worst at then journal about those. Maybe some action steps to do better in that one area or things you can repeat that will make the good one easier to keep where it is.

To go back to a previous book Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg and also what Marshall said in the book; Start small with 1-3 questions and let it become a habit before looking to increase the number of questions. I think giving yourself some form of choice has the risk of being counter-productive. I know when I tried this I had too many questions and failed within a couple of months.