82: Margin by Richard Swenson

82: Margin by Richard Swenson

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Do you ever feel overhwelmed? Today’s book by Dr. Richard Swenson has the prescription for anyone who yearns for relief from the pressures of overload. Join Joe & Mike as they investigate the topic of margin, reevaluate their priorities, and attempt to simplify their lives. Links Support the show TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen TWSBI…

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Looking forward to listening to this one. I definitely need a lot more margin in my life…

You two did a great job sharing this book with us. Thx


Hi all,

Joe and Mike thanks for walking us through this book. I haven’t read it myself, but already recommenced it twice.

When Mike was talking about simplifying his cues for his journaling, b/c too much complexity eventually kept him from going through with the habit, I was wondering if a two tier approach could solve this. Maybe it would be interesting to have a list of cues / questions starting with the (two) most important ones, then followed by the others that only get done if there’s time / margin to get to it. This way the practice might not be abandoned - even when the bullets are flying - and at the same time you get an indicator for how things are going. I get though my list, probably enough margin, 5 weeks in a row I am barely making time for the first two - something needs to be done. Just a thought, not sure how this will work in practice.