78: Ultralearning by Scott Young

78: Ultralearning by Scott Young

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Lifelong learning is a noble goal – but is ultralearning really the best approach? Today’s book aims to help you achieve your goals faster, future-proof your career, and maximize your competitive advantage. Join Joe & Mike as they unpack the principles the author promises can help you learn anything deeply and quickly, without teachers or…

Just wanted to chime in that while I don’t work in Java and my “sub-industry” (startups/small companies) doesn’t, Java and .NET still command large portion of the software market even in big cities but especially outside of NYC or SF. The thing about Java/.NET programmers is that unlike Ruby, JavaScript, etc. programmers they’re not on the internet (Twitter, GitHub) as much. Definitely a silent majority.

Still - I think comp sci programs do a disservices by just teaching Java (and probably a VERY old Java at that). Give the students a Rails course!

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I get my views on this from talking to Comp Sci students. It seems like every single one thinks Java is the only way to build software. And yet, I know exactly zero engineers who do so. :man_shrugging: