70: Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

70: Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

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A system to help you achieve more and do less? It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what today’s book promises to deliver. Join Joe & Mike as they take a closer look at Michael Hyatt’s approach to the topic of focus. Links – Support the show – Success Profiler research…

Hi Guys!

I had a chance to listen to Episode 68 (Smart Notes) and then Episode 70 (Free to Focus), pretty much back to back. I found it interesting that the Smart Notes book landed a 2.5/3.5 score while Michael Hyatt’s book merited a 4.5/4.0. As you listen to the commentary, you would think the opposite. Michael Hyatt’s book – while ‘very well written’ and highly polished seemed to be like bubble gum: Easy to chew but no real lasting value. You guys were not challenged or engaged by its contents. Meanwhile, Smart Notes, while ‘horribly edited’ and ‘patched together’ spurred much greater insights and contemplation. It seems perhaps this was like meat over cooked that immediately didn’t taste right but the more you chew it, the better it got with lasting nutritional value.

I wonder if the scores reflect the ‘readability’ more than the ‘way the book challenges’? Since more and more books are coming out that are not breaking any new ground and rehashing existing material, for my buck the challenge and uniqueness factor may rate higher than the ‘over Grammerly polished’ approach. Thoughts? I know Episode 68 has me thinking deeply on the nature of interlinking ideas and notes - a good thing to be sure!

Thanks for all you do!