63: Atomic Habits by James Clear

63: Atomic Habits by James Clear


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Can small habits really transform your life and deliver amazing results? Author James Clear believes they can. In today’s episode, Joe and Mike revisit a familiar topic to tackle one of Bookworm’s most requested books and see if it lives up to the hype. Links – Bookworm sweatshirt – 10% Happier w/ Gary Vaynerchuk –…

Atomic Habits by James Clear
Develop an exercise habit
Develop a journaling habit

Following on from the discussion on tracking habits Marshall’s book Triggers (I’m not on commission) discusses at length asking active questions on a daily basis and scoring yourself out of ten on the questions you pick. I always thought this was a much better approach than the just the don’t break the chain methodology that most habit trackers utilise. There’s even an IOS app that ties in with this. Though having not owned anything Apple since my iPod Classic I don’t know how good the app is.

Currently reading Atomic Habits and re-reading Triggers and both are excellent books that do have a lot in common.