59: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

59: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande


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No matter how careful we are or how healthy our habits, one day we will all die. In this episode, Joe & Mike tackle their most uncomfortable topic yet as they consider how to bring meaning and purpose to end of life care. Links – Free Agents #63: Lessons Learned – Personal Retreat Course (coupon code…


I appreciate you covering this book that was outside your comfort zone. Your uncomfortableness was evident, but you both covered the book well as always.

I’m a pastor with some aging members of our congregation. This book review gave me some insight into very difficult issues. As Christians, we know that God is sovereign and we are not going to live forever. Despite the difficulty, we must prepare ourselves for our earthly time ending so that we can help those when we are gone. No reason they should suffer & anguish needlessly because we did not prepare ourselves or them.

These conversations have come up in my family because my wife & I have parents who struggled caring for their parents (our grandparents). Having had these frank conversations ahead of time would have helped them greatly.

Thanks again for a great podcast & covering a challenging book.


Thanks guys.
I feel like saying ‘Welcome to my world’. The insights of this book, and your very honest appraisal of it, are a welcome addition to the podcast.
I listened the podcast either side of a visit to a retirement home in UK. I think the situation here in NI is not quite as far ’developed’, thankfully, as the picture you are presenting from the book of behaviour in the USA. While we are not quite as ’advanced’ as India, the small size of our nation, and the relative proximity of families to one another, means that meaningful assisted living is the norm for much elderly care.
Welcome to NI.