56: Hyperfocus by (and with) Chris Bailey

56: Hyperfocus by (and with) Chris Bailey


Episode found at: https://bookworm.fm/56/

Focus is a hot topic, but there’s more to it then just turning off Twitter and blocking out distractions. Today’s book shows us how to manage our focus, helps us understand how it works, and shows us how to recharge it when it gets low. Author Chris Bailey joins us at the end to talk…


I am enjoying reading Hyperfocus and getting a lot from the book and study. I do a daily meditation practice (sorry Joe) and have a chime ring every two minutes to bring my attention back to my practice. So when I heard about the hourly chime in Hyperfocus, it resonated. I did discover the Mindful Mynah app ($1.99 on the App Store) which does a great job of this. It looks like the Mac app was updated earlier this year but the iOS app has been not for a few years.

BW has quickly become a favorite podcast, keep up the great work. Thanks ~ Jack