55: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

55: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor


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Happy people are productive people, but can you really choose to be happy? Things may not always happen for the best, but in today’s episode Mike & Joe figure out how and why some people are able to make the best of the things that happen. OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock Mac Power Users MailMate Todoist…


Hi @joebuhlig and @mikeschmitz.
I loved this show. A fresh slant of book topic just on the edge of your favourite productivity space

You mentioned your problem with having to use evernote, as the only straightforward way if appending a note to another note.

There is a way of doing this in Drafts using Drafts as the location of the appended note. If you are interested you can work through this outline below.

Read on…

visit draft action directory and add the following actions to a convenient collection on your iOS device

clear tasks
Add to draft

create a “storage draft” with a suitable title i.e. ”Daily actions” and location, i.e. archive, adding an empty line below the title line. This is where your newly written drafts with tasks in them will be stored.

using the detail icon (the O with i inside it) find the UUID of this newly created draft in this location

open the Add to draft action and replace the UUID referred to in the action with the UUID of the draft you created as a storage file.

using the daily, morning and evening routines you mentioned in the Happiness advantage review, or the task list for the following day you create routinely, you can turn several lines of text into a checklist using the “Tasks” action, or clear one you have already used, using “clear tasks” action.

when you are finished with this task list, use the “Add to draft” action to create another entry on your stored draft.

you will want to play around with the destination of the draft you have just completed. By default one goes to trash and one stays wherever you/created the storage draft.

So there is no absolute need to use evernote then.


@stephenlowry this is awesome, thanks for sharing! I still need to play around with this, but this might work!


I’m really looking forward to listening to this episode! I just finished reading the book and am looking forward to hearing you guys’ opinion on it. I really enjoyed the book and hope you guys did too


Spoiler alert: we did :slight_smile:


:+1: I really liked the episode, can’t wait for the next one!