54: Work Clean by Dan Charnas

54: Work Clean by Dan Charnas


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Can the world of professional chefs teach us anything about productivity? Joe and Mike seem to agree with Dan Charnas and say, yes. Mis-en-place! MPU Talk OmniFocus Spark Mailmate Work Clean by Dan Chamas The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz Bookworm on Deep Work 10% Happier by Dan Harris Mikes on Mics…

Work Clean by Dan Charnas
Everything in Its Place by Dan Charnas

Hi Joe: Let me know your thoughts?

  1. The Hard Thing about Hard Things - Hororwitz
  2. Give & Take - Adam Grant


Great to hear from you again. That was a long two-week break. Hope the health is improving @joebuhlig . You sounded great.
I found the ten chapter titles of the second course a straightforward summary of much of the theory of productivity. If any three were a natural part of my routines I would be much more productive.
And if anyone ever sees a photo of my desk set up (you won’t) they would understand how unlike a clean kitchen is it possible to become.