53: Boundaries by Henry Cloud

53: Boundaries by Henry Cloud

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Should you set limits on what you’ll do with and for other people? And if so, what should those lines be? And do those limits have a place in the church? Discuss on the Bookworm Club The Productivity Show Bookworm on Peak Bookworm on The Productivity Project Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey Boundaries Bookworm on Getting…

Thank you for your insights gentlemen. This book, as it was for @joebuhlig, was one I read about ten or more years ago, and I found it very helpful and enlightening at the time. A particular crisis I was facing was overcome in part because of its insights.
I think I tried at that time to learn two things:

  • Someone else’s bad planning is not a cause for me to reorganise my life, and
  • Setting boundaries and keeping to them is life enhancing as well as gaining you respect from others

I found it particularly honest of you to challenge the book’s apparent confusion between ”God” and ”the church” as far as boundaries are concerned.

You have added to my understanding.

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