25: Grit by Angela Duckworth

25: Grit by Angela Duckworth



Yeah, I wimp out and then I have to “man up”, roll my sleeves, and just grind through things that I’d rather not be doing.

In the podcast, Joe mentioned his OmniFocus dashboard and how he’s more apt to go to contexts instead of the dashboard.

I’ve had my OmniFocus dashboard show all due or flagged, grouped by context, and sorted by due date. This allows me to just look at my own dashboard and just go towards a context that seems to have a few more tasks than others. Then I’ll work on that context first and hit the due items.


How many contexts are you running? I could see doing that if I had a lot of them but with nine active contexts I have very few places to worry about.


My contexts perspective currently has 30 contexts - a mix of active and on hold.

Today, my dashboard (showing due or flagged) has 14 contexts to work on.

I’ll typically go to the dashboard and just look at @App if I’m working on anything with a computer or iPad. Or I might just zoom in on @warehouse if I need to batch process a bunch of warehouse tasks.

The contexts in my Today perspective will grow and shrink every day.


Thanks for answering my question about taking notes from the read books. My current system is that I make a comprehensive mind map of every book and that gives me the reassuring feeling that I can refresh my memory about the contents of the book.

My most important lesson from ‘The Grit’ is that skills, such as playing piano, can only develop through being involved every day. I do that systematically now and it helps a lot. I think it applies to many things, including reading.


If you enjoyed Grit, you may like Peak as well. It seems to cover the development side of things a little better, but the general idea is the same.