2020 Planner recommendations?

2020 Planner recommendations?

Greetings Joe, Mike and the rest of this wonderful community. I started listening to the podcast totally at random a few weeks ago as I was researching book reviews of the 12 week year. The guys and I do my daily commute together ( 1 hour each way). I’m working my way through the past episodes creating a new list of books to read.

QUESTION: it is that time of year when new planners are hitting the shelves. Do you guys, or any bookworm members, have a planner they love? Like many I am stuck between choosing digital and/or paper. I’m open to suggestions.

Some on my shopping research list include:
classic Daytimer by Franklin Covey (paper)
Shawn Blanc’s new planner at the Sweet Setup (iPad)
Twelve Week Year Planner on their website (paper)
James Clear’s Atomic Habits Planner at Baron Fig (paper)
GTD Calendar/Planner on the David Allen website (pdf)
Tom Solid’s Paperless Revolution planner (iPad)
just plain old Outlook (Electronic).

I’ve come to realize that a calendar isn’t really a planner, is it? Never mind tracking tasks, habits and goals, etc. I would love to learn what you guys think and, I know it sounds goofy, but would love a bookworm review of just planners.

Thank You – keep up the great work – BC

I am interested in paper planner this year. I will follow this thread and don’t know what one I want.

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I left out of my list Michael Hyatt’s Focus planner, also in paper. In any event I purchased Shawn Blanc’s iPad Planner, but I believe I can also print it out on dead tree paper if I so choose. I decided to try his planner for a few reasons:

First I had taken the GoodNotes course on Shawn’s Sweet SetUp and am pretty excited about its feature set. His planner really exploits GN’s power, especially when used with the Apple Pen. I downloaded GN onto my Laptop and my iPhone so, in effect, I should have access to the planner even when my iPad isn’t handy. I think it is just as easy t grab my iPad as it is to grab a paper binder like I ha been using. But if I do change my mind about electronic planning, I will just print it out and put it in a binder.

Next: Shawn seems to have put together a simple calendar that integrates some handy features from other systems, like James Clear for example.

Finally as I get more conversant in GN I may add a few of my own templates – say a Pomodoro worksheet, some 12 Week Year Work Sheets, some GTD worksheets – things I have been doing myself on paper. When taken altogether it is a dream set up.


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I have an extra Full Focus Planner from Michael Hyatt. If someone would like it, I’d be happy to send it to you.

I’ve been using the Full Focus Planner for the last couple years and have found it really useful. I use it in conjunction with my digital task manager, Nozbe.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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I know it’s late, but I’m a listener of relay.com/cortex and I opted to buy their Theme System journal for my 2020: thethemesystem.com