136: Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows

136: Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows

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Systems are all around us. Many of the problems we face every day (big & small) are simply systems failures. Today’s author attempts to help us develop the systems-thinking skills we need to avoid confusion find more effective solutions. Links Support the Show Bookworm #135: Four Thousand Weeks Thining in Systems by Donella Meadows Mike’s…

I’ve had the Meadows book for years and did read it at one point. But listening to your discussion, I may go tackle it again with new insights. A book I found useful when I was working as an evaluator is Systems Concepts in Action: A practioner’s toolkit by Bob Williams and Richard Hummelbrunner (original 2009, translation 2011). It says that “within the covers of this book you will find ways of addressing and resolving situations that are wicked, messy, and horribly tangled…The approaches and methods … will help you understand, analyze, manage, learn, change, and evaluate these complex and complicated situations.” It takes the idea of systems and moves it to being more useful, to thinking systemically (as opposed to being systemic). It’s a lot about sense-making. This might be overkill, but if anyone can get useful bits out of it, you two can!

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