120: The Now Habit by Neil Fiore

120: The Now Habit by Neil Fiore

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Procrastination is a problem we all have to deal with. But today’s author promises a comprehensive plan to help us lower our stress and increase our time to enjoy guilt-free play. Join Joe & Mike as they consider how they can eliminate anxiety brought on by their own negative habits of procrastination and perfectionism. Links…

Other books you would recommend on this topic? Thank you

Hi @JacobIsrael,
I recommend The Procrastination Equation by Piers Steel and Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl.
Best, Koen

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Hi @mikeschmitz,
Thanks for this episode, I enjoyed it!
Around 39m20s you guys mention the ABC prioritization method ‘that everybody did and everybody wanted you to do at the time’ and ‘we know that doesn’t work and we know it is a bad thing to do do this’. I am supercurious, can you point to any epidsode or source where it is explained why this doesn’t work? I am at the point to experiment more with the Eisenhower matrix and want to inform myself about what others learned before I do that.
Highly appreciated!
Best, Koen

Here’s a short description: https://www.briantracy.com/blog/leadership-success/practice-the-abc-method/

Thank you @mikeschmitz! I am sorry, I didn’t phrase my question precise enough. I am curious to find anything that describes / explains why this method doesn’t work or why it is a bad thing to do this. I can imagine new insights evolved since this method was in fashion, but I can’t find anything on it. Also: what has replaced this? Any help is appreciated!
Best, Koen

David Allen has been critical of ABC priorities.

Regarding the Now Habit book, Neil Fiore updated it in 2007.

Thanks for review, Mike and Joe.

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My thinking on priorities changed when I read Essentialism by Greg McKeown. He shares the history of the word priority and how it is singular. So any system that has multiple priority levels I don’t really like. Something either is priority, or it isn’t.