12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson

12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson


This book is getting a lot of buzz, interested in your thoughts on the book.


Not a vote against the choice, it’s on my list. This is just interesting side information for discussions around the book.



I feel like any discussion of 12 Rules for Life has to take a very strict death-of-the-author approach or it would be swamped by everything else that has been said by and about the author.


He’s a fascinating speaker. I vote for this book as it appears to be a top seller right now.


I’ve read this book now and it’s terrible. 3 pages of actual useful content in 30. Most of the chapters range all over in philosophy without actually connecting well back to the point of the chapter. He has throw away uncited statements that are deeply problematic and much of the writing could be understood as a support for incel men’s anger at being “rejected” by women. Peterson spends many pages talking about how much power that has over men and removes any responsibility from a man about how they respond to this terrible woman that rejects him.

I guess read it, but it will be a pretty rant heavy episode about how not good this book is.