116: The Art of Witty Banter by Patrick King

116: The Art of Witty Banter by Patrick King

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Goodbye awkward silence, hello conversational agility! Today’s author promises to teach you how to think quickly on your feet, be incredibly smooth, funny, and clever – all at once. Join Joe & Mike as they embark on their journey to discover the art, nuance, and mechanics of banter and charm. Links Support the Show Keychron…

Perhaps not the best book, but I enjoyed the disagreement and discussion! I think you may have gotten me to return to Toastmasters, Mike.

Hey Mike!

I’ve just listened yours with Joe podcast and I have to say these tools for productivity you’ve mentioned are really efficient!
Maybe you will be also interested in a new calendar Tweek , it based on Ivy Lee Method

It is very simple and that`s what users actually like :slight_smile: