115: A World Without Email by Cal Newport

115: A World Without Email by Cal Newport

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The modern knowledge worker is engaged in a constant battle against the hyperactive hive mind. While we’ve become so accustomed to an inbox-driven workday that it’s hard to imagine alternatives, today’s author argues that they do in fact exist. Join Joe & Mike as they consider the possibility of a future without email. Links Support…

Funny to hear you guys say you didn’t know Cal used Trello, as he can’t seem to shut up about it on his podcast :slight_smile:

Re: Todoist, I use it heavily, and I never use Priorities. I use the Google Calendar integration, and important stuff gets a time assigned (I can shorten or stretch the time slot from the calendar if the 30-minute default does not suffice). I use the board view for my major “projects” (Work, Home, Scouts), and I’m also moving away from GTD-style micro-tasks toward one big card for a task with notes as needed.

In terms of overall impact of this book on my work environment (software pre-sales engineering with a hefty helping of post-sales customer support), we are 100% email driven, which is maddening. My bosses ask for things completely at random, the sales teams fire off vague one-liners all the time, and our customers resist every effort to use web-based ticket systems, because everything is an “emergency” for them. I should scatter copies of this around the office once we’re allowed back on site again.