112: The Organised Writer by Antony Johnston

112: The Organised Writer by Antony Johnston

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Writing is hard. But today’s author promises that if you take a weekend and set up the proper system, it can be made a lot easier. Join Joe & Mike as they consider what it means to be an organised writer. Links Support the Show NerdFitness Concept2 Model D Amazon Basics Kettlebell Iron Age Pullup…

Interesting episode; enjoyed how you two employed your experiences to joust with the book.

One part I had trouble following was his system for organizing writing in section one (not “Write!”.) I caught the discussion about how his system would not work for you two, but not actually what he was proposing. I’m not currently in a position to check the book itself; could you or a fellow listener please summarize his method in a sentence or two?

Basically he says write 5 pages (meet your writing quota) at the beginning of the day. But he also has a “long as it takes” attitude which we both would have trouble employing.

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Got it. Totally agree with your assessment. Thank you!

First, thank you for linking all of the tools and such that you mentioned. Y’all threw out names so rapidly I was wondering whether you would actually list them!

Second, let me offer another perspectives on the “write 5 pages” idea. I agree with your general assessment that building a writing habit requires butt-in-chair-hands-on-keyboard writing, regardless of quantifiable output. That is often best measured in time like you have it planned.

However, I also know writers who have time planned for writing and then then time comes and goes, they are sitting at the computer, and nothing is accomplished. The time is set aside, but with no quantifiable production expectation very little gets done. Having a measurement of 5 pages rather than 30 minutes means the work actually gets done.

When I’m in a good routine, I try to both set the time aside every day and have a goal of X pages (with the internal pressure that if I don’t get them done in that optimal time in the morning, that I’ll need to make time in the afternoon to write.)