107: The Motivation Code by Todd Henry

107: The Motivation Code by Todd Henry

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What drives us to unleash our best work? And how do we tap into that drive to get superior results? Today’s author explains how understanding our own motivational themes can help us have conversations, make decisions, and even choose better career paths. Join Joe & Mike as they attempt to understand what really makes them…

Before this episode went out I’d looked at the preview of this book on Amazon and wasn’t sure what to make of it. Having listened to the episode I don’t think I’ll follow up on this one I would agree that it does seem more of a sales pitch than anything else. I’ll stick to my two Susan Fowler books on motivation and the Daniel Pink one as while they use different terminology I can see the similarities and they made sense when I read them.

On a slightly different note can I add as someone whose diet is all plant based I don’t eat many salads :wink:. That bit of the episode did make me laugh, a very literal interpretation of plant based.

That’s fair - I’m a plant-based rookie.

I think plant-based is a good but relatively new term which I suspect is pushed as being more easily accepted than vegan diet. Though it possible to have plant-based food which isn’t vegan, looking at you Burger King :roll_eyes:. I’m just happy it’s more popular as there are many benefits.

Related to Joe’s “either this is spot on or wrong” dilemma and processing, I’m wondering…

As I was listening, it sounded like the families / aspects you thought you would have are based on self-concept – but not motivation. And the assessment is trying to identify motivations.

For example (going from memory) didn’t you think ideals/idealism would be an identified motivator, but instead part of a team was?

Through the years of listening you ARE someone with definite ideals which shape you and your actions (your faith, for example.) But one could say that are part of what defines you as a person. But what MOTIVATES what you do is the “team” of working with/serving your family and your church.

What do you think? Do the other aspects in this (what you thought vs how you tested) fit in to a personality/identity vs motivation framework?