105: Shorter by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

105: Shorter by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

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The traditional idea of success means being always-on, never saying no, and outworking your peers. But what if there was another way? Today’s author shares how entrepreneurs and leaders all over the world have figured out how to shrink the workweek without cutting salaries or sacrificing productivity. Join Joe & Mike as they explore the…

I agree that task-switching can really help to keep the ADHD brain focused, when the purpose is to have a time-bound pressure combined with shorter periods of deep work.

One way this plays out in our home is the emphasis on staying fully-focused during short homeschool lessons. (This idea is encouraged by, but not unique to, educator Charlotte Mason.) Honestly? It is a waste of time if/when the kids are distracted, and if they can’t focus it is a sign to me that they need a change – whether that is going from math to history or just telling them to get outside!

On the other hand, the tendency for the ADHD brain to get hyper-engaged is something we try to harness, too. I’m not going to interrupt a child’s “deep work” to stay on my schedule.