100: Ratings Adjustments & Trivia

100: Ratings Adjustments & Trivia

Episode found at: https://bookworm.fm/100/

After 100 episodes, Joe & Mike go back and fix a few of the ratings that don’t seem quite right. Mike also tests Joe knowledge recall with some impromptu Bookworm trivia. Links Support the Show Video of Episode 100 (YouTube) Bookworm Quiz (PDF) Bookworm #1: Getting Things Done Bookworm #24: Step Bookworm #50: 2018 Bookworm…

This was a really good retrospective episode! I got almost every quiz answer wrong, so, good job, Joe. Maybe Antifragile will get its deserved revision to gold status in episode 200. :wink:

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I don’t see the PDF of the spreadsheet export you were talking about, with the gold/silver/bronze? Am I missing it?

The PDF was actually for the quiz. I hadn’t intended to share the spreadsheet other than with @joebuhlig, but if people really want to see it I could be convinced to share it :blush:

FWIW I’d be really interested to see which books made gold and silver so that I could make sure I read them all myself.


I’m interested in the spreadsheet with gold/silver/bronze books as well. I have started creating my own spreadsheet with just 5-Star rated books. But, it would be really helpful if you could share the books which made to the podium! Btw, great work on the podcast. Keep going!