1: Getting Things Done by David Allen

1: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Jul 8, 2016 • Joe Buhlig • > 1 min • bookworm

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I’m getting back to my regularly scheduled podcast listening mode and am enjoying your first episode. I started listening to this episode when I stopped at the point where Mike talking about using Defer Dates in OmniFocus as a “tickler.” Then I just decided to send this post to you to offer a different perspective.

I tend to user the Defer Dates for when projects actually start or becomes available for me to do. I use the Review Dates in the Review perspective as my “tickler.”

Ninety five percent of my new projects in OmniFocus start with the status set to On Hold. I already have my hands full of the current active projects plus the administrative work kept in single actions lists.

My On Hold projects are considered Someday/Maybe projects. I don’t really have to worry about them until I decide to activate them (change project status from “On Hold” to “Active”). Most of these projects’ review cycle will be set to 1 month. I get to be tickled by these projects at least once a month. When the project shows up in my review perspective in the morning, I’ll determine whether to keep it in Someday/Maybe status, activate it, or delete it. If I do activate the project, I’ll change the review cycle to weekly or shorter.

Active projects will have a review date typically set for one week. This becomes my weekly review and I get to see active projects at least once a week. For urgent/immediate projects (due within the next 7 days) or projects that are constantly changing (tasks added, deleted, or changed on a daily basis), I’ll set the review date to a shorter cycle - usually 1 - 3 days. I get “tickled” anywhere from daily to once a week for my currently active projects.

I can also just manually set the review date of any of these projects if I know the general date that I’d like to review them. For example, I’ll set the review date for the project “plan anniversary party for my wife” about two months before the anniversary date.

When I wake up in the morning, I make my breakfast and then take a look at the Review perspective. I will sometimes see anywhere from zero projects to twelve projects to review. Every day is different. I get tickled about the current status of every project on a daily basis. Some projects needs more monitoring and they will get shorter review intervals (1 day to 1 week). Most “On Hold” projects only need to be looked at once a month to see if I need to activate it, keep it on hold, or delete it.

I get tickled every day when I’m in the Review perspective. This perspective is pretty much the one feature that has kept me locked into the OmniFocus ecosystem.

I’m not really keen on using defer dates as a tickler. I would have to keep manually changing the defer date to some arbitrary date in the future. In the review perspective, I can click the “Mark as Reviewed” button and it will automatically defer it to the project’s next review interval. It saves me a lot of headache of trying to batch change the defer dates of many projects that should actually be set to “On Hold.”


Digging this up from a long time ago :grinning: This week I listened to a two part GTD podcast on the ultimate GTD app. Spoiler there isn’t one. But it was a very interesting discussion and I took away quite a few things from the discussion. I’ve added some more rules to my Outlook thanks to it. I recommend listening to it. It’s the first productivity related podcast I’ve listened through to the end to in a while as the signal to noise ratio has deteriorated of late.

Have no fear I listen to Bookworm to the end :smile:.

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